Food Justice Project for All

We have teamed up with with local food growers, cooks, caterers and volunteers from Mach Corona Response Team and Planna Fwyd and we are  pleased to announce that we have launched this project as of Friday 8th May. 


We are passionate about setting up a local community food justice project. We have reflected on the importance of providing nutritious food as a response to the current pandemic, but also in response to the worldwide social, ecological and economic crisis and would like to see this initiative develop over time.


Due to our current capacity, we are currently delivering to those who are not able to get around and a collection point for others. All meals served are freshly cooked, vegan/vegetarian and nuts free. Meals will be ready every Friday evenings 5-8pm, It is free for those who need it to be and donations are welcome. Donations will be be injected back into the project and will enable it continuity. 

Want to help?


  • We currently have some access to locally grown food but we are looking for more places to source this from.

If you wish to lend a hand, put in an order or find out more, please email or call 07493649096. Our menu is shared on a weekly basis on our social media. Also see below. 


Left: Our cooks- Jeanette & Sam. Middle : Maria. Right : Javier & Sam


Our food justice project has been a success!! We have served more than 1000 meals in the last 12 weeks!! Thank you all those who have contributed to the project with  donations and hands on work, and a special thanks to our lovely community who have accessed and enjoyed our food!

Since businesses are slowly opening up and things are easing off we will be using the month of August to evaluate the project and work on how to move forward. We will be continuing with the food justice initiative, please watch this space for future events and updates!

Feedback and ideas are most welcome and appreciated!

 Diolch yn fawr!!!  ❤


Corris, UK

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