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little squahs


We use traditional and modern agro-environmental methods to understand our relationship to each other as humans, our relationship to the land and environment, including the microbiological, where we live and grow food. We pay special attention to agroecology as a tool that can aid us to depend on our connection to the natural environment and to each other as humans through dialogue, physical work and eating together.


Agroecology provides us with a framework to understand the politics of food, ergo, it can enable us to become conscience about our individual and collective responsibilities to this abundant and kind planet we inhabit. Moreover, agroecology provides us with a set of practical tools and knowledges from many traditional and technical backgrounds that are environmentally sound and efficient, as well as respectful of traditional epistemologies furthering the field of epistemic justice and cross-pollinating the possibilities of new epistemologies for a complex present and future world.

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