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Capactity building

Our interships

For young adults who are waiting for asylum in Wales and are legally excluded from education or employment. Our internships are tailored to follow the skills, passions and interests of each intern, and have the option to include training in: growing food, events management, bar work, hosting, facilitation, catering and accredited training in food & hygiene.

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Our one-off trainings

Members of our team can be booked to share their expertise at one-off workshops in our methodologies, for example Participatory Action Research, Theatre / Theatre of the Oppressed or Agroecology.

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Our in-house programs

Popular education experiences hosted by our team, for people who we invite to join us, such as Walking the Walk (a year-long gathering of minds to collectively reimagine our ways of being and ways of doing work in community) and The Getaway Training (a year-long training in hosting residentials, for young leaders working in their communities).

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Our consultancy

We offer longer-term bespoke leadership development workshops for organisations old and new, in the UK and overseas. This is usually a hybrid of online and residential sessions, that include training in our methods, and supporting organisations with whatever needs are coming up for them in that moment.

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It is our goal to share the learnings from the journey we have been on and the skills that we have built up over the years in order to have an intergenerational ripple effect across the UK.


Through our Capacity Building work, we provide spaces for individuals and organisations to (re)build their confidence, and develop their skills for transformational change, based on their talents and passions.


How do we do this? Through our internships, in-house programmes, one-off trainings and consultancy.

Our Capacity Building work aims to build a network of people trained up to work here at the Braich Goch, as well as in-situ at their own organisations in the UK or Internationally.

People who join us on these journeys build relationships with us and each other which further strengthens our trust, interdependence and power at the grassroots level.

Income generated from our trainings and consultancy means that we are able to share our knowledge with people and organisations who are not able to pay.

If you would like to contact us about booking some training or consultancy, or to join our internship or in-house programmes, please fill up the contact form below.


Braich Goch Inn and Bunkhouse, Corris, Machynlleth, Wales, SY20 9RD

01654 761 256


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