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We offer two types of residentials at the Braich Goch- Sanctuary Retreats, and Structured Stays

Sanctuary retreats


Sanctuary Retreats For many of us the experience of seeking refuge or even being granted refugee status does not come without trauma; the long hours of interviews being asked the same questions in many different ways, the feeling that officials do not believe you, the constant struggle of having to tell your story again and again, to so many people whose job is not to believe you but to catch you out and call you a liar. All of this leaves us with a detrimental state of mind, confusion and a very real feeling of isolation.

The Anne Matthews Trust is an organisation of people primarily from refugee and migrant backgrounds who understand and have been through, or are going through, the experience of seeking Sanctuary. This is why we want to offer our centre and expertise to people (with an emphasis on young adults) who are also going through, or have been through, this experience.

At the Braich Goch centre we can accommodate groups of up to 20 people for residential experiences, with activities such as walking the beautiful mountains and valleys, swimming in rivers and lakes, and exploring the wonderful coast of the Snowdonia National Park

During our residentials we cook, eat, dance, sing and make music together- reclaiming our humanity and dignity, celebrating our differences and learning from one another.

Structured stays

Structured Stays Alternatively, groups can engage in more structured sessions, where we use critical pedagogies such as Participatory Action Research to engage young people in learning towards social and environmental justice.

We have long experience in organising and facilitating courses and workshops in a variety of topics such as popular education, gender, theatre of the oppressed, participatory action research and much more.

We bring individuals and community groups to participate in intensive residentials to experiment with theatre and other related art forms, to talk to each other, to think together working at an individual level but also as a group. These residentials vary in length and content in accordance to each community’s availability, needs and resources.

While being here people spend their time living together: cooking, eating and looking after each other. We use the surrounding areas as stimuli for devising; there are organised walks through the countryside and local villages. We will learn about the local histories and about its people.

We can tailor residentials to suit the needs of our visiting groups, so please get in touch with any needs or ideas!


Past residentials

See below some past residentials.


Sisters sewing seeds for resistance

Women need safe spaces, to relax and recover, reclaim being together, creating sisterly support. This is why we want to facilitate a sanctuary space at Braich Goch where women, especially those of refuge and migrant backgrounds can stop being caretakers and simply enjoy a new experience, sharing space and time with other women, enjoy country walks, cook together, play, share stories, heal and recover our humanity.




Critical Experimental Laboratory of theatre and Performing Arts

A space for people to engage critically in the use of performative art forms, primarily theatre. The main aims are to research, understand and challenge the status quo and its discriminatory racist and sexist narrative; to experiment and collectively create original performance pieces that can reach as many audiences as possible. 



Braich Goch Inn and Bunkhouse, Corris, Machynlleth, Wales, SY20 9RD

01654 761 256


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