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The Gift of  Being Present

This is a  4 week workshop in meditation, mindfulness and grounding practises.

In this 4 week workshop, we will explore what this practices mean, breathe awareness, barriers to these practises, tuning in with nature and how we can step-out of auto-pilot.


Upon completion of this workshop, you will learn how to become more mindful in everyday activities, become fully engaged in them and savor the pleasures in our day-to-day experiences as they come.


People who practice mindfulness find that they are less likely to get caught up in worries about the future or regrets over the past, are less preoccupied with concerns about success and self-esteem, and are better able to form deep connections with others and with nature. Mindfulness practices is also known to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, deal with pain,  improve sleep and improve one’s capacity for self acceptance/ loving kindness for self!

This workshop is informed by the Principles of Peer-to-Peer work and Participatory Action Research and  will be facilitated by Yosola Olajoye an experienced well-being peer-to-peer group work facilitator and Ethel Cure who has been practicing mindfulness meditation techniques for a while. Both facilitators have both used Mindfulness practises in their everyday life in order to improve their own well-being and will be bringing their own learning into the space. 

The sessions will take place on  Fridays evenings 6 to 8pm at Braich Goch on the following dates:

  •  26th July

  •  2nd August

  • 9th August

  • 23rd August

You will need to participate in all 4 weeks. Places are limited and priced- 


£48 - Concession (Students, Low income and unemployed click on the green button below) 

Autumn Legs

£60 - Waged participants (click on the blue button below)

No one will be turned away for lack of funds and places for those on low wages and from marginalised groups will be prioritised. All people welcome.


Funds raised will go towards the running cost the space, enable those less privileged to access our wider work, materials and resources for further development of our practise.


To book your place, please contact Yosola by email on  or by text on: 07752424169, and we will give you a call back

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