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 HeArts and Dreams

Workshops and Training

Bespoke training and workshops using art and creativity to engage people with issues and questions around refuge, migration, mental health and well-being. 

Why this Programme?

First, to support individuals interested in the subject of migration, refugees and wellbeing to increase their awareness and understanding of these subjects, and build their confidence to display a valuable creative response through art.


Secondly, to use visual art as a tool for recovery and maintenance of good wellbeing, and to learn how to communicate and share important messages and feelings that could tackle stigma and reduce discrimination.

Finally, to create a safe environment where we all (human beings) come together, unite and find alternative ways to recreate our experience, dreams and values into a new palette and language to communicate to the wider audience.

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Art Therapy workshop, Giufa Project, Glyndebourne

Who is it for?

  • Young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds 

  • Young people who don’t know anything about these issues

  • Leaders working with young people 

  • Professionals whose work impacts on people from refugee and migrant backgrounds (e.g. Social workers, youth workers, housing, education, welfare professionals, volunteers, etc.) 

  • Organisations who want to reach out to and work with people from refugee and migrant backgrounds

  • Anyone who is interested in the issues and wants to make change

Visual art & Warm up session, Britport Arts Centre

What will people gain from it?

Every workshops is tailor made, designed taking into account the needs, experiences and aspirations of the group.

Using art therapy, drawing, poetry (creative writing), experimental storytelling, discussion, participatory film making & photography, music & movements. This programme will support all participants to gain:

  • A deeper understanding of themselves and each other in relation to the world

  • Creative practical tools to bring people together and explore issues

  • Inner peace and self - confidence

  • Increased understanding and awareness about the issues covered


Learning schemes are:

  • Recreate Health and Wellbeing

  • Recreate Refugee and Migration

  • Recreate Art and Therapy

  • Recreate Art and Advocacy


Please get in touch for more info at


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Visual art workshop with TCFT Project, Britport Arts Centre

How does it work?

All residential workshops & training will take place at the Braich Goch learning centre in Wales as the based space – but the Braich Goch team could also come to you, wherever you are, in an office, a community centre, a museum, a gallery, in a park or schools.

Photo by

Robert Golden

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