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Sisters Sowing Seeds For Resistance

“If any female feels she needs anything beyond herself to legitimate or validate her existence,

she is already giving away her power  to be self defining,                        her agency”                                                                                                  -Bell Hooks

Women need safe spaces, to relax and recover, reclaim being together, creating sisterly support. This is why we want to facilitate a sanctuary space at Braich Goch where women, especially those of refuge and migrant backgrounds can stop being caretakers and simply enjoy a new experience, sharing space and time with other women, enjoy country walks, cook together, play, share stories, heal and recover our humanity.


From the days of the witch hunts to modern day #Me Too campaigns, the world refugee crisis, the victims of sex slavery and a rise in hate crime after Brexit. We continue to be systematically oppressed and abused, enabling and maintaining the Capitalist mode of production in power.

Women and children worldwide are the casualties of war, girls and women face unchallenged sexist abuse on a daily basis, behaviour that is often seen as the “norm”.


Who is this for?

We want to make Braich Goch available to women who might not otherwise access these spaces because of the economical, cultural or language barriers.


We want to support women locally, nationally and internationally, especially those of the diaspora, women who might find themselves isolated, abused or/and oppressed and women who are ready to share and work collectively to empower and support one another to challenge systems of oppression, those women who are not leading the discourse and who are often left out of important critical conversations.

What we do and how women can benefit

The sanctuary/residential space is a home away from home, where women can experience something different from their normal everyday life.

  • Sharing living spaces, cooking, outdoor walks and taking care of each other creates a space of belonging, learning and self-empowerment.

  • We use women’s circles where we can get to know each other in a fun and informal way, using movement and voice to share aspects of ourselves, creating bonds, friendships and strategies to cope.

  • We use art and body mapping to easily shape and reflect on our life journeys so far. This maps out our roots, skills, achievements, dreams and hopes for our future. It is a powerful tool for reflecting and celebrating ones life, our differences and commonalities; this can be a very empowering collective process. We can begin to see ourselves as we truly are and not as society or our roles portray us to be.

  • For more structured work we use theatre to explore issues most affecting us and understand how we are systematically oppressed and discriminated and the power we have in challenging those negative ideas. We use theatre as a platform to explore these ideas between us. These sketches can be presented to audiences using forum theatre to involve them by stepping into the protagonist’s shoes, having a glimpse of peoples realities and creating empathy and understanding

  • We have found that these spaces support and inspire us to challenge men, society, policy makers and ourselves in general, questioning the status quo whilst understanding and naming the common enemy.

  • Women can enhance their skills, empower themselves through the sharing in a reflective space and learning to name, point out and challenge oppressive behaviour.


Braich Goch Inn and Bunkhouse, Corris, Machynlleth, Wales, SY20 9RD


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