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Critical Experimental Laboratory of theatre and Performing Arts

The Critical Experimental Laboratory of Theatre and Performing Arts (CELTA) is a space for people to engage critically in the use of performative art forms, primarily theatre. The main aims are to research, understand and challenge the status quo and its discriminatory racist and sexist narrative, and to experimentally, collectively create original performance pieces that can reach as many audiences as possible. 

We believe that real positive social change lies in the collective analysis and understanding of our complex and intertwined experiences as people categorised as the bottom of the social strata. CELTA is offered primarily to people of refugee and migrant backgrounds, young adults, children and women.


Theatre workshop with the ISBO Jamaica


Theatre workshop / HeArts & Dreams Creative Learning, Braich Goch 2019

In the current world state of affairs with the incremental rise of fake news, far right racist ideologies and what some are now calling the post truth era, we, people from non-elite, diverse ethnicities, gender and abilities see the need to engage critically with the complexity of our everyday reality as active members and change makers of the world we live in. 

Critical experimental theatre can be used as a tool for self and collective inquiry, as a lens through which we enable ourselves to analyse the complex intersectionalities of our lives. This in turn can aid us in finding common ground from where to start building new strategies for collective social action and change.

Participants will engage in the following practises and methods in interactive intensive workshops:

  • Introduction to Theatre and Performing Arts.

  • Techniques in Theatre of the Oppressed (Augusto Boal).

  • Techniques in Poor Theatre (Gerzy Grotowski).

  • Stanislavski’s Method (Konstantin Stanislavski).

  • Theatre and the Performing Arts as a community enquiry tool.

  • Theatre production techniques: improvisation, devising, building a character, character study, voice projection, collective script writing and reading, minimalistic staging.

  • Performance as artistic social and political intervention and dissemination tool.


Theatre workshop with Solidarity Hull, North East England


Theatre workshop / HeArts & Dreams Creative Learning, Braich Goch 2019

We use the Braich Goch’s performance space to share our original pieces with the local community and community group audiences. Participants of the CELTA programme will then be able to take their devised performances back to their local areas and audiences, in the hope that genuine dialogue is stimulated and social impact can be achieved.


Photo by

Javier Sanchez, Maria De Lapava, Yosola Olajoye & Cedoux Kadima


Braich Goch Inn and Bunkhouse, Corris, Machynlleth, Wales, SY20 9RD


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